leveling staff

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leveling rod, leveling staff

leveling rod
A straight rod or bar, designed for use in measuring a vertical distance between a point on the ground and the line of collimation of a leveling instrument which has been adjusted to a horizontal position; usually made of wood and has a flat face which is graduated in terms of some linear unit and fractions thereof, the zero of the graduations being at one end of the rod; may have the graduations on a metal face. On some rods the graduation marks are designed to be read by the observer at the leveling instrument; another type, a target rod, carries a target which is moved into position according to signals made by the man at the instrument; when the target is bisected by the line of collimation, it is read by the rodman.
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The position accuracy of the leveling staff lines is performed by comparing photogrammetric images of the support and control staffs or replacing the base measure with photogrammetric support staff image recorded with a digital camera and transferred to the computer memory.
The designed computer program allows expressing the digital image pixel values of the leveling staff code scales with numeric values.
To assess the calibration accuracy of the bar code staffs and to obtain the code scale accuracy of the bar code leveling staffs, experiments were performed transforming parts of the photos of the digital bar code leveling staffs into digital information using a specially designed computer program.
including carrying case all complete, telescopic tripod stand - aluminium telescopic tripod stand for fixing automatic level instrument with fully poweder coated, made by die casting including carrying case all complete, telescopic leveling staff - aluminum telescopic leveling staff 5 mtrs 5 section graduation and graduation of 5mm and 10mm with block and white background etc.