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In classical days, in order to obviate further disaster, it was the practice to pray and place a libation on the altar of the goddess Fortuna and that of the Unknown God.
Meanwhile today, the Slavery Remembrance Day walk and libation service will take place.
Agamemnon and The Libation Bearers -- the first two tragedies within the trilogy.
The text connects the practice of libation throughout the prodigious time/space correlation occupied by the African experience of life, and connects African people to their social history.
137 Ludlow was purchased by Libation co-owners Daniel and Terence Tubridy in 2007 for $5.
The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique (Chronicle Books; $30), by Portland mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Clyde Common, is full of tips to up your libation game.
Brimming with rhythm, enthusiasm for life, and the will to build a better world, Libation is a choice pick for international music collections.
THIS week's esteemed PISHD award (Popette Issues Strong Hoaching Denial) goes to Nicole Scherzinger, whose "people" have been forced to deny that she had a small libation before Saturday night's X Factor show.
Active, outgoing and fun-loving, John was happiest with family and friends enjoying good music, food, libation and conversation.
mobile Despite the rain, African chief Angus Chukuemeka began the libation on the River Mersey by the Piermaster's house.
Craig said the libation cup from Huddersfield dates from exactly the same period as the first cup and is more skilfully carved.
While the real-life Bingham was enjoying a libation at the Beverly Hilton bar and missed the opportunity to accept his award onstage, the fictional Bingham was beat out for actor kudos by "Heart" star Jeff Bridges.