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1. A person trained and experienced in the design of buildings and the coordination and supervision of all aspects of the construction of buildings.
2. A designation reserved, usually by law, for a person or organization professionally qualified and duly licensed to perform architectural services, including analysis of project requirements, creation and development of the project design, preparation of drawings, specifications, and bidding requirements, and general administration of the construction contract. An architect usually renders services that require the application of art, science, and the aesthetics of design to the construction of buildings, including their components and appurtenances and the spaces around them, taking into account the safeguarding of life, health, property, and public welfare; often includes consultation, evaluation, planning, the provision of preliminary studies, designs, and construction documents; and may also include construction management, and the administration of construction documents.
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Gamache is a licensed architect in Alaska, Hawaii, and recently licensed in the State of Washington.
There is a clause in the construction contract stating that one of the partners is a licensed architect, but no such service or liability is included in the construction agreement.
A licensed architect, he has more than 12 years' experience in all phases of the design and construction process.
Working in conjunction with a licensed architect and a local contractor, Pardo was forced to untangle the web of building codes that necessitate the development and documentation of a project prior to its on-site erection, a process that leaves little room for experimentation and change.
Ever since Norma Sklarek established herself in 1954 as the first Black woman to practice as a licensed architect, African-American women have progressively risen to the top of their field.
After you have passed all parts of the licensing exam and sent that year's registration fee to whichever state the exam was taken, then and only then is one a licensed architect. In summary, there are typically five years to a professional degree from an accredited architectural school, three years of internship, and the licensing exam to be taken and all nine parts passed to be a licensed architect.
KARACHI -- A prosecutor has recommended the trial of eight suspects, including builders, contractors and licensed architect, on charges of 'negligence and manslaughter' in a case pertaining to the death of six labourers after a lift buckled in Clifton.
"Coming to America was definitely a huge shock," said Annable, a licensed architect. "The first day of architecture school, a lot of people are questioning, 'You're going to be an architect?
Sandrzyk, a licensed architect, works at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in Chicago, specializing in mid-rise commercial and mixed-use design.
In 2016, the average age of a newly licensed architect was 32, an eight-month drop from the previous year.
Schoenthal, a licensed architect, has 25 years of experience managing major design and construction projects in Alaska, Europe and Asia.

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