licensed engineer

professional engineer

A designation reserved, usually by law, for a person or organization professionally qualified and duly licensed to perform such engineering services as structural, mechanical, electrical, sanitary, civil, etc.
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The report of the committee has pointed out that the Trainee (Engineer) was not trained and was carrying out work on the aircraft without any supervision by a trained/ licensed engineer, an official statement said.
A licensed engineer in the state of Texas and a certified floodplain manager, Cormack holds a master's in civil engineering from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and a bachelor's in civil engineering from Texas A&M University.
Now with Dyster planning to build a $25 million train station, the city is once again without the services of a licensed engineer.
The section of the policy that states, "that any person in responsible charge of the practice of engineering be a legally licensed engineer," now includes the phrase, "except where state statutes allow for exemptions." The revision also includes the addition of this recommendation by ASME to the society policy: "That licensed engineers and those acting under a state's industrial exemption be cognizant of the importance of safeguarding public safety and health through the use of product and service standards issued by government, industry groups, and by organizations such as ASME."
Four members have been elected to serve on the ACI Board of Direction: Roger Backer, managing director of research and development for Precast/ Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI); Jeffrey Coleman, FACI, licensed engineer and attorney/principal partner at Coleman, Hull & van Vliet, PLLP, Robert Frosch, FACt, professor of civil engineering at Purdue University; and, Steven Kosmatka, FACt, vice president of research and technical services at Portland Cement Association.
An independently licensed engineer or architect must also verify that requirements are met.
The taxpayer argued it was not engaged in engineering because, under Tennessee law, engineers and surveyors are separately licensed and regulated and that it did not employ any licensed engineers, was not associated with any firm that employed licensed engineers, and did not provide any services that Tennessee law required to be performed only by a licensed engineer.
Meunier is not a licensed engineer, which was a requirement for the commissioner's post before his appointment.
A licensed engineer with additional advanced degrees in enterprise management and information technology, Mr.
It also suggests that buyers hire a licensed engineer to perform an inspection, file complaints when they have them, network with others who have similar problems, and, if all else fails, contact a lawyer who specializes in construction-defect lawsuits.
But, a good attorney or insurance company would become aware that a licensed engineer was some how involved with the project and would place some of that liability on the licensed professional.
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