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Additionally, Nevada implemented a law enforcement awareness program that provides the contractor licensing requirements, in approximately 15 minutes, to local law enforcement agencies during briefings.
There is a hold feature, and it is the feature that the licensing officer will look at to see if this export license application successfully navigated the watch list.
While we believe our original terms were commercially reasonable given industry licensing practices and the considerable investment we made in developing these protocols, we understand the importance of listening to and acting on constructive feedback," says Smith.
At Smith College (MA), Executive Director of Information Services, Herb Nickles, says a new multi-layered model for software licensing now addresses 95 percent of titles used by the college.
Although the traditional arguments against licensing are weak, me groups against the legislation are powerful.
Before being able to use the network to handle licensing efforts, states would have to enact the NAIC's model licensing law so they could issue nonresident licenses to agents that have licenses from their home states.
On February 14, 2007, Via Licensing will be hosting a meeting for NFC stakeholders to discuss the intellectual property issues related to the deployment of NFC products and services.
This truly is an honor to be inducted into the LIMA Hall of Fame alongside many of the licensing community's celebrated professionals that I have respected throughout my career," said Mr.
Via Licensing Corporation is organizing the open forum discussion in order to facilitate the alignment of licensing and business efforts for the successful deployment of a licensing program which will support wide adoption of NFC products and services.
is a software development company focused on providing best-of-breed electronic software licensing technology to global independent software vendors and their end users.
Agilis Software is among the first to join the program designed for digital rights and software license management companies that want to implement best practices for operational aspects of software licensing management.
We're very pleased to have Intraware supporting our RLM licensing platform.