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river, c.320 mi (515 km) long, rising in E Ky. and flowing NW to the Ohio River opposite Cincinnati; the North and South Forks are its chief tributaries. The Licking was an important means of travel for Native Americans and pioneers and later a busy trade route. In 1780, at the river's mouth, George Rogers ClarkClark, George Rogers,
1752–1818, American Revolutionary general, conqueror of the Old Northwest, b. near Charlottesville, Va.; brother of William Clark. A surveyor, he was interested in Western lands, served (1774) in Lord Dunmore's War (see Dunmore, John Murray, 4th earl
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's frontiersmen gathered for their march up the Little Miami; the battle of Blue Licks (1782) occurred in the Licking valley. Covington and Newport are located where the river meets the Ohio.
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National Waffle Day is almost here and, Finger Licking Dutch is in celebration mood.
She is depicted licking a tub of ice cream before putting the top back on and putting it back in the freezer.
<p style="font-weight: 400;">Any individual or family who adopts a dog from the Licking County Dog Shelter will receive a $25 Petland gift card and free 4 lb.
To be fair, I don't mind his licking and big round cute puppy eyes, it's a great start to every day waking up and seeing him bouncing around the room like a fluffy firework.
Q: Oscar, my 14-year-old male medium-size crossbreed dog, has started licking two spots on his front left leg.
LICKING STICK * A licking branch can be a great camera setup.
You may even see them eating or licking things like wood, barn dirt, rocks, and places where they or other animals have urinated.
Given that the LPV/r within the freeze-dried FDTs may still elicit a bitter taste, additional goals of this study sought to identify concentrations of the bitter tastant quinine-HCl that match the licking behavior to the FDTs containing LPV/r and identify potential taste-masking agents to reduce any averseness associated with the drug or comparable quinine concentrations.
A food expert claims it is impossible for us to eat a doughnut without licking our lips to get the sugar off.
That said, once dogs start licking, they can develop an obsessive-compulsive licking behavior, which accelerates and intensifies the original problem."
The mother dog later dragged whelp for 50 meters and put it onto pavement, licking the injured part of its body.