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(19.) As the escorts of magistrates who held power (imperium) in ancient Rome, the lictors carriedfasces, bundles of rods surrounding an ax.
According to John, "lictor" refers to a prince's attendants only by metonymy.
Un dia el padre proconsul, que estaba a caballo, encontro al hijo consul y no quiso poner pie en tierra, puesto que era el padre, y dado que los lictores conocian la perfecta armonia que reinaba entre los dos no osaron ordenarle que desmontara.
The company's name was significant: it was named after the lictor fasces, the symbol of Mussolini's fascist party, represented by a bunch of reeds grouped around an axe-head, signifying equality under the State.
But little-known Liechtenstein-registered firm Lictor Anstalt claims that Alphasteel did not own the strip mill at the site, which is key to the operation of the works.
The masthead of the Northern Starwas transformed in January 1793 to include two female figures, Liberty holding a sword and scales and Hibernia holding an olive branch and lictor rods, and a winged-maiden harp surmounted by an eight-pointed star (Figure 4).