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An input language for the attribute evaluator generator LIGA (a successor of GAG and a subsystem of the Eli compiler-compiler). LIDO is derived from GAG's input language ALADIN.

["LIDO: A Specification Language for Attribute Grammars", U. Kastens <>, Fab Math-Inf, U Paderborn (Oct 1989)].



a seaside health resort in northeastern Italy, near Venice, on the Adriatic Sea. The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters (average January temperature, 3°C) and very warm and dry summers (average July temperature, 24.2°C). Annual precipitation totals 670 mm. Treatments include helioaerotherapy, saltwater baths, ammotherapy (treatment with sand baths), sea bathing (from May until mid-November), pelotherapy, and ampelotherapy. Those suffering with nontubercular respiratory ailments, obesity, neuroses, anemia, and rickets are treated. Lido has bathhouses, hotels, boardinghouses, and various sports facilities. There is also a large beach with fine-grained sand.

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There is no other facility like it in Wales and we are so proud to be the National Lido of Wales.
The annual event follows after the lido celebrated its 90th birthday in August by holding a bumper swimming session.
Lido himself basted the loin of pork in careful and precise proportions of Chinese ingredients.
Elizabeth Flanders, 75, of Worthing, West Sussex, recalled spending every summer at the Scarborough Lido in East Yorks from the age of seven in 1948 until she was 15.
Mullins said: "Nothing has been decided about which race Valseur Lido will run in at Cheltenham and probably won't be for a few weeks, but it would look that stamina is his forte.
But after the 2008 financial crisis, Lido developed a liquid-alternative strategy with managers that Lido believes are best in class.
In a message on the Birmingham History Forum, one member states that the first lido in Birmingham to be installed by the then Birmingham Corporation (later the city council) was in 1873 at Cannon Hill Park, near the two boating pools.
When you come to Lido, the performances on stage transform any adult into a child," Duperret said.
You can't argue that you can take the sand and put it on Lido Beach and it's going to make a dramatic difference but that the hole you dredge in the pass [will] make no difference at all.
Lido were not helped by a succession of yellow cards and a straight red as fledgling referee Ryan Stewart, in charge of only his second Welsh Premier game, made his presence felt.
Y una noche en el Lido comienza en la avenida mas bella del mundo los Champs Elysees (Campos Eliseos).
Having held Llanelli and Neath to draws in their previous two outings, Lido were always going to be a tough hurdle for the champions and Powell was far from despondent with the 0-0 result.