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Bianca empowers women to flourish as their best selves by hosting wellbeing events both privately and for large corporates such as Amazon; through keynotes at global conferences such as Women in Silicon Valley; through individual coaching; and by offering inspiring insight and effective female-oriented life hacks on and Bianca's own woman-to-woman skill share site
Lucky for us, this stellar team has compiled their all-time favorite tips in a story we're calling--what else?--"Life Hacks" (page 78).
A "life hack" is a tip or technique that helps one to meet an everyday need more effectively or efficiently.
Hacking refers to an inelegant but effective solution to a computing problem, a technique or short cut to solving everyday problems (a life hack), or a collective positive action to create fast, effective solutions in a community (a civic hack).
Now, whether it's a "life hack," "growth hacking" or "furniture hacking," it just seems to refer to acting a bit techy and a bit creative.
Nashville, TN, July 11, 2019 --( Deliberate Minute is a focused less than three-minute life hack that sets out to explore the challenges of the heart, brain, body and soul in daily life.
Don't panic, Holly Willoughby had a great "life hack" on This Morning the other day.
And for those who want a life hack: buying pre-made cookie dough cuts the preparation time dramatically.
In Pogue's Basics: Money (Flatiron, $19.99, 304 pages, ISBN 9781250081414), former New York Times tech columnist and life hack enthusiast David Pogue shares nifty tricks for holding onto more of your hard-earned cash.
'Life hack' advice like: 'Become a morning person in seven easy steps' commonly makes it into the coveted top five, as does tech industry news and insider opinion.
Essentially, a "life hack" is a nugget of advice to make your daily existence marginally less fraught with annoyance and care, a shield against the slings and arrows of not especially outrageous fortune, like tying a knot in your left headphone lead, so you always know which one goes in your left ear.