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indeterminate sentence:

see paroleparole
, in criminal law, release from prison of a convict before the expiration of his term on condition that his activities be restricted and that he report regularly to an officer.
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; sentencesentence,
in criminal law, punishment that a court orders, imposed on a person convicted of criminal activity. Sentences typically consist of fines, corporal punishment, imprisonment for varying periods including life, or capital punishment, and sometimes combine two or more
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'The span of life imprisonment is regarded as limited to 25 years while it is meant to last a lifetime.
In 2004, a five-member bench as many as 62 appeals that urged the apex court to reinstate death penalty for convicts whose capital punishments were commuted into life imprisonment leading to their release on the basis of remission in their imprisonment periods.
On March 20, the MICT sentenced KaradA3/4ic to life imprisonment for genocide, crimes against humanity and violation of the laws and customs of war.
Chacha was sentenced to life imprisonment. But who did more damage to Kenya?
The judge sentenced the men to a life imprisonment with confiscation of the property.
An Egyptian military court has sentenced 418 alleged supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, mostly in absentia, to prison terms from two years to life imprisonment for involvement in violence at a police station in 2013.
TEHRAN (FNA)- An Al-Qaeda terrorist, sentenced to life imprisonment in the US, said that members of the Saudi royal family sponsored the terrorist network in the 1990s.
Synopsis: Consistent with recent years, 63% of Americans say they favor the death penalty for convicted murderers, and when given a choice, they prefer the death penalty (50%) over life imprisonment (45%) as the better punishment for murder.
The specialized inter-district criminal court of Karaganda region has sentenced two men who raped two girls, one of whom was killed, to life imprisonment and 20 years in prison, Novosti-Kazakhstan reported Friday citing spokesman from the court.
The Makati Anti-Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) was commended yesterday for its no-nonsense drive against illegal drugs that led to the conviction of six offenders, all sentenced to life imprisonment, for violation of R.A.
Faiz Mattawa Hamad al-Khor, jailed since '85, sentenced to life imprisonment. 2.