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PVC pipe is shown to have fewer environmental impacts from a life-cycle and carbon footprint perspective when compared to alternative materials, including lower embodied energy, lower use-phase energy, and longer life attributes.
life-cycle experts, NGOs, and other interested stakeholders will convene on a regular basis to draft the proposed product category framework and rules for evaluating the life-cycle impacts of architectural coatings.
* Life-cycle focus on logistics considerations both up front and in sustainment
In the life-cycle assessment, all key environmentally relevant factors and processes that come into play across the life cycle of the packaging system were critically examined and evaluated: beginning with the extraction and processing of the raw material used to manufacture the packaging, through the processes of manufacturing and transporting the packages, the packaging of the food, and distribution to retailers, as well as the recycling or disposal of the packaging after use.
Research measuring materials' life-cycle carbon emissions is scheduled for August 2011 completion; environmental findings will then be supplemented by concurrent or later economic analyses to provide the most accurate assessment of related pavement and building impacts yet produced.
DOD lacks key information needed to effectively manage and reduce O&S costs for most of the weapon systems GAO reviewed--including life-cycle O&S cost estimates and complete historical data on actual O&S costs.
The PM shall be the single point of accountability for accomplishing program objectives for total life-cycle systems management including sustainment ...
Owens on including life-cycle assessments in LEED v3...
Derived from biological analogies, life-cycle models have become useful tools in the study of organizations, beginning with products particularly related to strategy applications (Hoy, 1995).
Life cycle thinking is a holistic view: Design options should not have a reduced impact at one life-cycle stage at the expense of increasing the impact on the complete life cycle.
The inherent strengths of HPC allow for greater design efficiencies, shorter construction cycles, and lower life-cycle costs.