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Our fishermen, who make such a massive contribution to the Scottish economy, and provide the lifeblood for so many communities, have been sold down the river before in negotiations between the UK and EU.
are lifeblood of the game Storm also coaches a number of students from the Thorp Academy at Ryton, with clinics at Close House Golf Club.
JUSTICE is the lifeblood for any egalitarian society.
lifeblood of Maynard said: "HS2 will provide a radical upgrade to Britain's rail capacity, but we also know that impacts need to be mitigated.
The event, which also had stars such as Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Kamal Haasan in attendance, saw Indian National Award-winning filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt use the platform to appeal to storytellers to retain originality, saying: "[The] lifeblood of entertainment is the right to free speech".
Although it's the island's lifeblood, it poses challenges.
FORMER Middlesbrough coach Steve Harrison has revealed he was "really disappointed" when Gareth Southgate sold James Morrison and recalls telling the then-boss "kids like James were the club's lifeblood".
The station's lawyer David Holland said it would end up as a boring report of the "Small Earthquake in Chile: Not many dead" type story with the lifeblood sucked out of it.
And not just that we have them, but that those standards are our lifeblood. And there is the kind of Jew who thinks we have been passive long enough, who is convinced that it is time for us to strike back at our enemies, to reject once and for all the role of victim, who willingly accepts that Jews cannot afford to depend on favors, that we must be tough and strong.
Yesterday's event was organised in support of thrombosis charity Lifeblood.
In my role as the medical direcTor for Wales of Lifeblood: the rombosis Charity, I spend a lot of my time trying to raise awareness that blood clots are the most common cause of preventable hospital deaths.