lifelong learning

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lifelong learning

part of the UK NEW LABOUR education agenda. This broad policy can be traced back to ‘lifetime learning’, originally proposed by the Conservative government (DFEE 1996). It stems from the conviction that a post-industrial society requires a more highly educated and skilled workforce, with greater flexibility; that a KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY requires higher levels of education (although this has been disputed – see CREDENTIALISM). A further assumption is workers must be prepared for more frequent CAREER changes as lifelong careers can no longer be expected. see also LEARNING SOCIETY.

A distinction can be drawn between ‘mature students’ entering education for the first time (an aspect of WIDENING PARTICIPATION – see also ACCESS) and those learners who are already well-qualified who are updating their knowledge, skills and qualifications (i.e. professional development).

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The first is the growing recognition of the importance of career education and guidance in schools, not only in helping young people make the immediate choices that confront them but also in laying the foundations for lifelong learning and lifelong career development.
* Completing the CITP Application and accumulating at least 100 points, which are earned based on your amount of business experience (in everything from IT strategic planning to systems architecture to security planning) and lifelong learning;
"This really speaks to lifelong learning. They've invested years to obtain a certificate or diploma, and they want to come back for more."
In a statement, TDL president Greg Burnell said the two companies "share the same mission: to provide lifelong learning products and services for all points along a healthcare professional's career, from introductory training to professional certification and continuing education."
We will continue to meet part-time higher educational needs in a city that values lifelong learning and celebrates diversity.
The proposed standard, Continuing Professional Development: A Program of Lifelong Learning and Continuing Development of Professional Competence, prescribes mandatory continuing professional development for all professional accountants, including those working for accounting firms, corporations, small or medium enterprises, public sector organizations or in other environments.
Each segment also includes a strong emphasis on the importance of lifelong learning that enables individuals to keep current in their occupational fields.
This quote is from the book, If Life Is a Game, These are the Rules, and touches upon the idea of lifelong learning. Since life is a full-time school, life choices take on greater significance and learning plays an influential role in every day actions.
Now in its 17th year, Lifelong Learning Institute provides fun and fresh continuing education opportunities for adults ages 50 and older, with about 1,000 students registering each year.
The report says funding for lifelong learning fell by nearly half in real terms since 2009-10, and that a National Education Service could help reverse the decline and make adult learning more accessible.
These next few hundred words are focused on the potential of just 27 words in the Progressive Agreement signed by Mr Drakeford and Education Secretary Kirsty Williams in 2018: "Explore how we can deliver a new Welsh right to lifelong learning, investing in the skills people need throughout their lives, for individual, societal and economic benefit."

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