lift platform

elevator car platform

The structure which forms the floor of an elevator car and directly supports the load.
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The GLP platform is located near the new gas lift platform in Salman field.
The emergency key allowed the upstairs doors to be opened while the lift platform was still on the ground floor.
The tank's capacity is 3,953 imperial gallons (18,000 litres) and the trailer itself is fitted with a lift platform.
Paisley fire station, in Renfrewshire, was due to get a custom built Aerial Lift Platform to replace an old vehicle in May.
Featuring an 8 x 8 power lift platform, adjustable incline/flat/ shoulder-press bench with wheels, chin ups, and weight storage racks, the product also offers an optional school logo.
The module consists of a structural steel frame, a wigwag pendulum basket driven by a variable speed AC motor, two independent press-down devices and a hydraulic lift platform.
Retired industrial engineer Derek Hanlin, of Gilfach Goch, Porth, had expressed fears a child could become trapped after noticing his young granddaughter playing under the lift platform fitted to the property of grandmother Lynda Griffiths.
But fire crews were left stunned when the state-of-the-art Bronto Aerial Lift Platform was too big to fit in their fire house.
In addition to the basic toilet and water service vehicle design, customers can request extras such as heat-damping design for the superstructure lining, a drive-off locking device if the water hose is connected, and a hydraulic telescopic lift platform.
In addition, the company's Crow River Industries subsidiary experienced significant increases in sales due to the introduction of a new lift platform as well as continued national support to make mobility-assist products available to people who are physically challenged.
The company's industrial division is a world leader in aerial lift platform products.
Tenders are invited for Supply of High Lift Platform Hydraulic Liftable.