lift stage

elevator stage, drop stage, lift stage

A theater stage floor which moves vertically on an elevator, usually so that one set can quickly replace another; may consist of a single unit or articulated sections.
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Applications for the AT10-120 vertical lift stage include testing, inspection, assembly, sampling, laser drilling and machining in a broad range of industrial, medical, semiconductor, and research facilities.
Optimal Engineering Systems (OES) (Van Nuys, CA) has announced the AT10-120 Motorized Vertical Stage, a high resolution, low profile, high load vertical lift stage that can be integrated into various applications.
In terms of the overall Shams Abu Dhabi development, Sun & Sky Tower have been completed, while the completion of the final lift stage has had a major impact on overall construction progress.
The ANT130-5-V linear-motor-driven, wedge-style vertical lift stage offers travel up to 5 mm.
There will be cream teas and cricket on the green along with acts from around the world on the Lift stage. For more details go to
NORTHWICH: Free swashbucking adventure comes to Cheshire when the Anderton Boat Lift stages its Pirate Festival Weekend.