lift-off hinge

loose-joint hinge, heave-off hinge, lift-off hinge, loose-joint butt

loose-joint hinge
A door hinge having two knuckles, one of which has a vertical pin (at its center) that fits in a corresponding hole in the other; by lifting the door up, off the vertical pin, the door may be removed without unscrewing the hinges.
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com)-- The 1056 program of screw-on, lift-off hinges from EMKA UK are traditional style solutions to the need for robust operation of recessed/flush doors and their removal for access purposes.
The enclosure also features a side-hinged door with lift-off hinges for easier access to the switch for servicing.
Manufactured by Hoffman, one of Schroff's sister companies within the Pentair Technical Products Group, the Watershed family of enclosures feature smooth, bullet-style lift-off hinges, sloped door edges and a sloped top to facilitate run-off of wash-down fluids.
This versatile range of fittings is matched to industry standard profiles to ensure ease of use and speed of assembly - items include a slam latch, lift-off hinges, adjustable hinges, 180[degrees] hinges, D-SNAP technology joiners, flush mount quarter-turn locks, bridge handles, as well as snap-in joiners and hinges.
These 45mm thick doors come in three standard sizes, in white, from stock and are supplied fully hung on stainless steel lift-off hinges, in matching PVC-clad timber doorframes.