light reflectance

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The ratio of the reflected flux to the flux incident on a surface.
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It is not commonly known that trace amounts of manganese dioxide yields a mauve pink color in ceramic glazes (Figure 9), which matches the reflectance spectra of the tiles in the orange-red region (600-700 nm) with some minor light reflectance in the violet-blue region (400 nm).
As soon as a leaf was collected from a tree, light reflectance was calculated using a hand-held spectro-radiometer (GER3700; Spectra Vista Corporation, USA).
Dark regions on en face OCT images corresponded to absent or reduced light reflectance due to SRF.
8 the angle-resolved light reflectance from an injection-molded component having the directional textured is shown.
Desorbed soil N[O.sub.3]-N from AEMs has been correlated with yield in perennial grassland (Collins and Allinson, 1999) and clipping yield, visual quality, and light reflectance measurement in turf (Kopp and Guillard, 2002; Mangiafico and Guillard, 2005).
Fluorescence was not found in any body region of the birds; therefore, all reflectance captured by the spectrometer was attributed to light reflectance. Reflectance spectra from all body regions were characterized by 2 spectral peaks, 1 in the UV and 1 in the "visible" portion of the spectrum.
White plates use a proprietary whitening formula to provide light reflectance and minimal light cross talk, facilitating high sensitivity light emitting luminescence and scintillation-based assays.
The Guide allows you to select your product mix by suspension system and product performance against eight criteria including acoustics, fire, safety, light reflectance, hygiene and humidity.
The next wave may well be fluorescent multiplayer recording, a holographic-like technology using light reflectance rather than metallic reflectance.
Dark walls and floors require more power to produce the same amount of light, so if rehabbing labs, consider refinishing surfaces to produce better light reflectance.
Light reflectance in the near infrared and infrared bands appears to be the most beneficial in identifying the stress areas of the agriculture field.
For liquid crystal display screens, projection televisions, flat panel displays, and dashboard readouts, Acrylite Anti-Reflective acrylic sheet from Cyro Industries is said to improve screen clarity with more than 97% light transmission, and less than 2% total light reflectance. The sheet uses a wide-band, anti-reflective coating to reduce reflections that interfere with screen viewing, while the acrylic maximizes light transmission through the sheet for clarity, says Cyro.