lighting cost

lighting cost, cost of light

In lamp evaluation, the cost of light rather than total system cost; commonly expressed as the cost per million lumen-hours; depends on lamp cost, operating energy cost, and lamp replacement cost.
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Although we suspect the Star Wars lighting cost more than ours which was created with a small strand of battery operated LED fairy lightsfrom The Pound Shop."
On average, BrightSide LED's customers save 60-70% on their lighting cost after the LED conversion.
The average lighting cost for the Bellwether garage pre- project was $2400/month.
Amman, Sept 24 (Petra) aAC"aAC" Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Tuesday urged ministries and public agencies to adhere to a cabinet regulation on energy conservation to cut street lighting cost and ensure that internal roads and highways are lit up only during the designated hours.
Su noted that while LED lighting cost has declined by 20-30% annually over the past few years, the market demand has doubled.
According to, the beefed-up lighting cost the chain about 250,000 pounds.
The system saves the dealership 70 percent of its electric lighting cost in the area where the system is installed as well as 66,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.
Labor, materials, and track lighting cost $600 (Miller-Pollin and her husband did all the painting).
If other forms of heating energy fuels are used, their consumption and cost will also increase, and the lighting cost savings can be reduced, with the amount depending on the cost and efficiency of the fuel.
In the new Lockheed Building 157 in Sunnyvale, Calif., several daylight strategies were used to enhance visual comfort--and they reduced Lockheed's artificial lighting cost by 75%.
Adding Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls to the system may result in the benefit of a 70 percent reduction in lighting costs.