lightning conductor

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lightning conductor

, rod
a metal strip terminating in a series of sharp points, attached to the highest part of a building, etc., to discharge the electric field before it can reach a dangerous level and cause a lightning strike
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Lightning conductor

A metal device that leads an electrical charge from a strike by lightning safely to the ground; typically a braided copper wire connected to a lightning rod on the roof and grounded to a water pipe or other underground metal conductor.
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lightning conductor

[′līt·niŋ kən‚dək·tər]
A conductor designed to carry the current of a lightning discharge from a lightning rod to ground.
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lightning conductor, lightning rod

lightning conductor
A metallic cable or rod, running from the highest point on the roof of a building (and insulated from it) to the ground; protects the building, should lightning strike, by providing a direct path to ground.
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As well as offering all aspects of high level maintenance and lightning conductor installation, Stone Technical Services also specialises in the restoration of churches and historic buildings, as well as services related to industrial steeplejacks.
STS has been involved with a number of prestigious projects on historic buildings including yearly servicing of the lightning conductor at St Paul's Cathedral in London.
He said: "I was walking round to check everything was OK when to my horror I saw that a metre of the copper lightning conductor had been removed at ground level.
Copper piping from lightning conductors has also been targeted by thieves