lightning conductor

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lightning conductor

, rod
a metal strip terminating in a series of sharp points, attached to the highest part of a building, etc., to discharge the electric field before it can reach a dangerous level and cause a lightning strike

Lightning conductor

A metal device that leads an electrical charge from a strike by lightning safely to the ground; typically a braided copper wire connected to a lightning rod on the roof and grounded to a water pipe or other underground metal conductor.

lightning conductor

[′līt·niŋ kən‚dək·tər]
A conductor designed to carry the current of a lightning discharge from a lightning rod to ground.

lightning conductor, lightning rod

lightning conductor
A metallic cable or rod, running from the highest point on the roof of a building (and insulated from it) to the ground; protects the building, should lightning strike, by providing a direct path to ground.
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To quote a retired lightning rod salesman, "Lightning rods are a true insurance policy through prevention, rather than dealing with the damage after the fact
Let's assume you are finally convinced that putting up some lightning rods and installing a surge protection device is in your future.
amateurish frequency of underscoring ("but that was exactly what a lightning rod was supposed to do"--one of nine examples on a single page); and those word repetitions that were the bane of Flaubert ("the funny thing was that he just thought it was funny to begin with").
The corollary is that such a novel should be anti-epiphanal, yet Lightning Rods abounds in epiphanies: Joe experiences a "sudden realization" in almost every chapter, often yoked to the corniest of cliff-hanger chapter endings.
He said now there was a state of things to make a man glad to be alive and added, "I leave it to you if you ever saw anything more deliriously picturesque than eight lightning rods on one chimney?
He said he would rather have died than interrupt me, but when he was employed to do a job, and that job was expected to be done in a clean, workmanlike manner, and when it was finished and fatigue urged him to seek the rest and recreation he stood so much in need of, and he was about to do it, but looked up and saw at a glance that all the calculations had been a little out, and if a thunderstorm were to come up and that house, which he felt a personal interest in, stood there with nothing on earth to protect it but 16 lightning rods - "Let us have peace
Lightning rods haven't changed since Ben Franklin's experiment in 1752," he says.
Lightning rods are not designed or intended to draw lightning.
All four corners of the roof are now equipped with lightning rods.
I noticed the other day that a local school has lightning rods on it.
In the same way that other industry publications and media outlets have served as lightning rods for innovation and customer awareness, M2M magazine is likely to have a significant business development impact for companies in the M2M arena.
How reasonably are we to consider the narrator's arguments about the benefits of a lightning rod system?