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Mohsin Babbar, media and communication incharge at SECMC, in a detailed presentation said there is around 175 billion tons of lignite in Thar Coal Reserves spanning over around 9,000km areas.
GE's technology has proven its reliability in burning low calorific and high-moisture fuels like Thar lignite coal, while keeping a low environmental footprint for power plants around the world, including in the US and Turkey.
No other country in the world uses as much lignite as we use in Germany," Uwe Leprich, head of the climate protection and energy department at the German Federal Environment Agency, or UBA, told DW.
The coal used were lignite coal (LC) and the biomass used were tree leaves (TL), cow dung manure (CDM) and banana tree leaves (BTL).
According to Eurocoal, Germany holds the largest lignite reserves, at 40.
The team came together to design the plant and make sure the equipment could separate the lignite and make the desired products.
On the supply front, the picture in 2013 was mixed as the significant increase in hydro (despite the decline in December) and the increasing penetration of photovoltaic plants resulted in the substantial reduction of lignite and natural gas contribution to the mix.
NLC was incorporated in the year 1956 under the Companies Act, 1956 with the objective of meeting the electricity demand of the southern states of India by excavating lignite for generation of power.
Desein, which claims to have experience in using coal or lignite, said in its proposal that could conceptualise the power plant, including site selection, project development, engineering, construction and commissioning.
Westmoreland Savage, which owns the Savage Mine in Sidney, Montana, has amended its lignite supply agreement with its customer Montana-Dakota Utilities Co, a division of MDU Resources Group Inc.
Lignite samples were dried, milled, and sieved to 0.