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Taking the log of the likelihood ratio, I see that this is equivalent to the condition
Note here that -2log [Lambda] is minus two times the natural logarithm of [Lambda], the likelihood ratio statistic, and that on the graphs the first twelve data points and/or the last twelve data points from the regressions produce nothing to graph since they are necessary for the `minimal fit' (i.
Still, the likelihood ratio test indicates that the coefficients on the concentration index and the direct/agency ratio are jointly significant at the 5 percent level in both equations.
The results of likelihood ratio tests of the molecular clock presented here are consistent with the results of Hafner et al.
The result was discussed based on the statistical value from likelihood ratio test and Wald test.
The rule requires updating the "prior odds" (on the left-hand side) by multiplying by the Bayes factor (which also is the likelihood ratio L) to arrive at the "posterior odds" (on the right-hand side).
Most of the spatial cluster detection methods rely on likelihood ratio between two hypotheses depending on a potential cluster: the scan statistic is nothing but the maximum of all these likelihood ratios.
This is done with 90% prediction intervals via the naive and the likelihood ratio approach.
001 Table 3: Sensitivity, Specificity, Diagnostic Accuracy, Positive Predictive Value (PPV), Negative Predictive Value (NPV), Positive Likelihood Ratio (PLR), Negative Likelihood Ratio (NLR) and Area Under the Curve (AUC) of CRP for the diagnosis of sepsis.
After a short review on signal detection under Gaussian noise in [section]2, in [section]3 we incorporate small deviation from Gaussian distribution in terms of the Edgeworth expansion and calculate the likelihood ratio with it.
While this point is being agreed by Rao (2009)[2] that EL method may provide nonparametric confidence intervals on parameters of interest which likely being produced by traditional parametric likelihood ratio intervals.