lima bean

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lima bean:

see beanbean,
name applied to the seeds of leguminous trees and shrubs and to various leguminous plants of the family Leguminosae (pulse family) with edible seeds or seed pods (legumes). The genera and species encompassed by the term bean are many and variable.
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Just after midnight I spotted the shuttle, which appeared as a deep orange ball shining around magnitude-1--I like to think it was bright enough for Lima Bean to see.
138,910 Three lima bean research projects conducted by University of Delaware aimed at improving heartiness and disease resistance.
Not the light intensity, but light quality or composition plays a decisive role in regulating nectar production in Lima bean," said Wilhelm Boland, director of the Max Planck Institute.
Having studied Pennsylvania Dutch gardens for many years, I didn't think this was true because much of Pennsylvania wasn't good lima bean country (the nights are too cool).
Adding large lima beans to a flavorful broth produces a rich, tasty soup.
The large-seeded Lima bean cultivars Maria, UC 92, and White Ventura N carry resistance to M.
Cook lima beans, covered, in boiling water to cover 15-20 minutes or until tender.
The four levels of plant food used in the experiment were lima bean leaves, lima bean pods, leaves and pods, or water soaked cotton swab (control).
Ima Lima Bean Olivian Griffin, age 7 Union, Missouri
One night at dinner, she speared a lima bean with her fork, lifted it toward her mouth and stared at it, her eyes dark enough to entertain magic or sadness.