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see calcium hydroxidecalcium hydroxide,
Ca(OH)2, colorless crystal or white powder. It is prepared by reacting calcium oxide (lime) with water, a process called slaking, and is also known as hydrated lime or slaked lime. When heated above 580°C; it dehydrates, forming the oxide.
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During the day, the mortar was kept damped with limewater and rammed thoroughly, 4-5 times in a day.
The specimens are cured in limewater until they achieve a strength of 20 MPa, and are then placed in the sodium sulfate solution.
The main ingredient of her formulation was corn flour that had been gelatinized in heated limewater, as if it were to be used in tortillas.
But a subsequent treatment with limewater added calcium to the cellulose matrix and restored the original stiffness.