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basswood, American linden

A cream-colored, fine-textured, moderately low-density wood of North America; used extensively for plywood, lumber core, and trim.
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In order to make sense of this alternative, we may tentatively adapt to the Antwerp scene the distinction between the Welsch and the Deutsch, which Michael Baxandall analyzed in his splendid book The Limewood Sculptors of Renaissance Germany.
POLICE VISIT: Derry's Tar Abhaile office and Martin McGuinness in Limewood Street; CLEANING UP: PSNI forensic officers leave the house in Derry's Limewood Street after their search
The great achievement of the so-called limewood sculptors of the late Gothic period was the elaborate altarpiece, or retable, which served to render visible the object of devotions enacted on the altar just below.
1485, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) or an unidentified limewood female saint (c.
2 That the strategy does not work perfectly is shown by the extensive use of the beautiful internal limewood blinds in summer (de Waal, Allan, 'Arkitektonisk Akrobatik', Arkitektur DK, 5, 1995, p255).
Airmaster Engineering Ltd of Limewood Approach, Seacroft, Leeds, tel:0113 273 3333 have brought out the new Master Jet reverse-jet cleaned dust filter.
Tomasso Brothers, for instance, sold a highly detailed limewood relief by the French sculptor Aubert-Henri-Joseph Parent (1753-1835), a still life of 1794 bearing the Wettin coat of arms.
Sanctuary will be hosting a series of multi-sports and youth activity sessions at Sycamore Field inLache, Limewood Field inKingswayand Wealstone Lane inUptonduring July and August.
TRAVEL FILE GOOD TO KNOW The Pig is the sister hotel of the unbelievably posh Limewood just up the road (and uses the same spa staff for the Potting Shed) but it is much less expensive.
Exhibits will include a limewood panel from 200-300AD, a marble sculpture of a barbarian captive, about 160-170AD and below, a gold medallion of Constantius I.
HAMPSHIRE, UK NEW in the forest is Limewood, a luxurious hotel that feels like a sophisticated, sexy country hideaway set in a designated National Park and an area of outstanding natural beauty.