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basswood, American linden

A cream-colored, fine-textured, moderately low-density wood of North America; used extensively for plywood, lumber core, and trim.
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The components from the Munnerstadt altarpiece, like those from the Holy Blood Altarpiece in Rothenburg, are carved of limewood, and this raises a question to which no one, so far as I know, has found a compelling answer.
The catalogue offers a common sense reply to the thorny question of just what constitutes an "autograph" Riemenschneider: his Wurzburg studio produced sculptures of notable excellence, in materials ranging from marble to limewood, for over forty years, and during that time the only constant presence was Riemenschneider himself, so we must conclude that he either closely supervised or was directly responsible for the execution of the works associated with him.
2 That the strategy does not work perfectly is shown by the extensive use of the beautiful internal limewood blinds in summer (de Waal, Allan, 'Arkitektonisk Akrobatik', Arkitektur DK, 5, 1995, p255).
Airmaster Engineering Ltd of Limewood Approach, Seacroft, Leeds, tel:0113 273 3333 have brought out the new Master Jet reverse-jet cleaned dust filter.
The latter brings a polychrome limewood Madonna and Child dated to around 1420, while another Bamberg-based exhibitor, Christian Eduard Franke Kunsthandel, offers a pair of globes by John and William Cary.
Exhibits will include a limewood panel from 200-300AD, a marble sculpture of a barbarian captive, about 160-170AD and below, a gold medallion of Constantius I.
HAMPSHIRE, UK NEW in the forest is Limewood, a luxurious hotel that feels like a sophisticated, sexy country hideaway set in a designated National Park and an area of outstanding natural beauty.
Miracle," the project's first section, juxtaposes Veit Stoss's sixteenth-century limewood Annunciation (beneath which Fritsch's indigent grandfather was baptized in Nuremberg's St.
Paul's Church, Hockley, and a lifesize limewood carved rood screen for All Saints Church, in Sutton Coldfield.
RUGBY Decorative and Fine Arts Society is holding a talk on the Limewood Sculptors of Renaissance Germany by National Gallery and V&A lecturer Clare Ford-Wille at the Benn Hall, Rugby, on Thursday from 7.
Woods such as walnut and limewood were carved with extraordinary lightness of touch, delicacy and movement.
The limewood plaques, each 12 inches by 9 inches with the corners set in to suggest a cross and bearing a relevant carved scene, were carved in Austria and paid for by an anonymous donor to replace a set of posters used each Lent for more than a decade.