limit of proportionality

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proportional limit

The greatest stress which a material is capable of sustaining without any deviation from Hooke’s law.
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With reference to the curves experimentally recorded, the load at the limit of proportionality, [F.sub.L], the corresponding strength, [f.sup.f.sub.ct,L], and the residual flexural strengths, [f.sub.R,j], were evaluated according to EN 14651 [15].
The strengths at the limit of proportionality reach similar values, and they are not affected by the increase of fibre volume content, while the residual strengths, [f.sub.R,1], [f.sub.R,2], [f.sub.R,3], and [f.sub.R,4] increase of about 23%, 31%, 42% and 50%, respectively, for specimens with 2% of fibre volume content compared to the specimens with 1% of fibre volume content.
Bigger variation coefficients are of the limit of proportionality [[sigma]] and of the fracture stress-[[sigma].sub.f].