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, lynchpin
a pin placed transversely through an axle to keep a wheel in position



a wedge-shaped rod that fits into a hole in a part and prevents another part from shifting to one side while fastened to the first part. The shape of a linchpin prevents the pin from falling out of the hole. Linchpins were used in horse-drawn vehicles to prevent the wheels from coming off the axle. They are used for unstrained joints between parts, for example, as safety pins in hand grenades.

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Shakespeare, after all, remains the linchpin of the canon, the icon of icons.
The title character of Mary Oslund's astringently funny Reflex Doll, the linchpin for her new piece, provides a much-needed antidote to the sugary excesses of the holiday season.
After investing more than $50 million in the project, Weinstein said he has been approached by several firms that are interested in carrying out his plans for redeveloping the 1927 distribution center site as the linchpin for modernization of a community in need of new retail outlets and affordable housing.
26 Cell that a protein called PGC-l-alpha is the linchpin connecting fasting, glucose, and insulin with porphyria episodes.
For the eight tribes in talks now - some of which are among the wealthier in a California industry estimated to generate as much as $6 billion in gross revenue annually - another linchpin to any agreement could be the number of years it lasts.
Still, it's hard to hold a grudge when the linchpin of Moab is his frank and disarming description of an earthshaking, head-over-heels, wildly romantic schoolboy love for the Perfect Boy, one Matthew Osborne.
The linchpin of development is the tutorial center, located very visibly on the Slinn Avenue side of the complex.
Finance Minister Palocci had been a linchpin of fiscal policy in the Lula government, the architect of policies that helped yield primary surplus performance in excess of the target over the three years of President Lula's administration, including 4.
Reduced water numbers could kill the 3,500-home Northlake subdivision - the linchpin in Hart's deal with builder SunCal Cos.
The linchpin of personhood is simply our inclination to walk upright on two feet, instead of on four.
The linchpin of the plan calls for improved access to LaGuardia and JFK airports.
The author demonstrates how document management works as the linchpin of business success and facilitates knowledge management if properly integrated with core business processes and overall strategy.