line break

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line break

The end of a line of text in electronic form. Also called "EOL" (end-of-line), "newline," and "hard return," a line break code is generated when the Enter key is pressed, When typing a command on a command line, pressing Enter executes the command. When typing text, pressing Enter signifies the end of the paragraph, and subsequent text goes to the next line.

In word processing, line break codes, along with indent and other layout codes, are normally hidden on screen; however, a special, expanded mode may reveal them. Some text editors display line breaks as symbols (see below).

Different Codes for Windows and Mac
In Windows and DOS, the line break code is two characters: a carriage return followed by a line feed (CR/LF). In the Unix/Linux/Mac world, the code is just the line feed character (LF). In older Macs, the code was a single carriage return (CR); however, newer Macs also support old Mac documents. If line breaks are not converted between Windows and Mac platforms, the text displays and prints improperly. See soft return.

Very Clearly Spelled Out
In the settings of the Notepad++ text editor for Windows, the user can identify the target platform the text file is intended for, which requires different line breaks. The fact that the actual codes are identified is refreshing because even the simplest differences are typically hidden from the user.

Support for All Platforms
This RazorSQL database browser provides line break conversion. The \r is programming code for the CR; the \n is for the LF (newline).

Look for 0A and 0D
The LF and CR are the 11th an 13th ASCII characters, which in this hexadecimal chart are 0A and 0D (see ASCII chart).

Paragraph Symbols Differ
Line breaks show up as different symbols, depending on the text editor.

Paragraph Symbols Differ
Line breaks show up as different symbols, depending on the text editor.
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Some pretty loose tackles were also punishing the visitors, and Cross Keys were making some big line breaks, pushing the North Wales side back into their own half.
In line with the purpose of the study, the variables were divided into five categories: match situation, pre-line break characteristics, final phase characteristics, skills and post line break outcomes (Tables 1-3).
(3) Further, I'll demonstrate in what ways Williams's prosody is in fact speech-based and show, by listening to Williams, how line breaks give clear evidence of his prosodic practice--breaks best explained by use of syntax, intonation, and pace.
Water department crews found two other water line breaks. Both were believed to have been associated with the main line being shut down.
The district on Tuesday experienced a small line break near Dorena Lake, which it fixed, Kirk said.
"And the interesting thing is that we have looked at the stats and at this point last year we had made 20 clean line breaks and this season we have made 40, and they are all from phases play and we are creating and forcing missed tackles.
The low-pressure ESV closes when a downstream line break occurs.
It was noticeable throughout the match that whenever a Scotland player made a line break there were plenty of blue jerseys straining to provide support to the strike runner.
"If you look at the All Blacks, when they create a line break, they usually end up scoring from them," Lancaster Said.
And he has come in for a certain amount of ribbing from team-mates after one line break where he some how knocked on with no one around him and the try-line at his mercy.
* Provide safer working conditions for utility and emergency response personnel at the scene of a service line break.