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This acquisition represents the expansion into a new, critical service line broadening the suite of capabilities to more comprehensively serve new and existing customers.
Finally, the dislocation density ([rho]) can be estimated by X-ray line broadening and obtained from dislocation densities that are related to D x ([[rho].sub.D]) and [epsilon] x ([[rho].sub.[epsilon]]) as follows [10]:
The collision line broadening found from the processing is presented in Figure 2.
We found that in our spectrometer Er[(TMHD).sub.3] had no 2D spectrum alone plausibly due to the typical line broadening associated with LSRs, and the low concentration present.
While the electron density calculated utilizing the Stark broadening effect, while another line broadening such as Doppler broadening and ionic broadening is so small comparing with Stark broadening that can be neglected [5].
Williamson-Hall (W-H) analysis [11] considers that the contributions to line broadening of the crystallite size and lattice strain are independent of each other and both have a Cauchy-like profile; the final line breadth is the sum
The nature of the structural disorder in the alloys was studied via Urbach energy, obtained from optical absorption, and Raman spectral line broadening. The alloying compositional fluctuation was found to be the dominating mechanism of the structural disorder for MgxZn1-xO alloys at the phase segregation range.
This line broadening is caused by strong dipolar interactions of unpaired electrons in the bismuth samples [20].