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The average line displacement was determined through a weighted mean of the displacements from all vertexes, using as weight value the length of the two segments adjacent to each vertex.
- Land Line Displacement - For wireless carriers looking to build incremental traffic on their networks by displacing traditional telephone company landlines, WARP with GSM trunk connectivity provides a unique small/medium business telephone system option.
In straight line displacement the outside perturbations who act on the vehicle came first time from the road.
However, description of the welding line displacement is hardly to be found.
Conformable, non-woven tape anchors the dressing in place while V-cut tape prevents dressing and line displacement. Covaderm Plus V.A.D.
Results showed that acute nicotine withdrawal substantially increases agitation (64 per cent smokers vs 32 per cent non-smokers) and the number of the tracheal tube and intravenous line displacements caused by agitation in ICU patients (14 per cent smokers vs 3 per cent non-smokers).