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He regretted that during past fifteen years no significant power project was initiated and the transmission line load of 1500 MW was not enhanced.
Current transformers positive phase angle errors, voltage transformers positive voltage errors and measured power line load character can have a significant influence on energy meters connected through measuring transformers metering accuracy.
In terms of equivalent roof loads, a uniform line load, w, with magnitude w = F/L, acting along the entire length, L, of a truss with 30[degrees] slope generates an axial rafter force only 62.5 percent as great as that produced by an equivalent peak load (Fig.
The roughness of the base paper was also varied, through changing the pre-calender line load.
The base line load is considered to be a 158-grain lead bullet at a nominal 850 fps.
The staircase was loaded with a point load or a line load placed on tread 2 or 3.
The TLL is a tension in line load cell constructed from stainless and is offered in a variety of ranges from 5K lbs.
The relationship between permanent and in-nip strain is dependent on paper temperature and moisture content as well as line load. This relationship is valuable for estimating local in-nip strain for a given local permanent strain.
A line load of 3 pound/in (5.4 N/cm) for books of mixed size is reasonable for most bookshelves.