line of code

line of code

[′līn əv ′kōd]
(computer science)
A single statement in a programming language.
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lines of code

The instructions a programmer writes when creating a program. Lines of code are the "source code" of the program, and one line may generate one machine instruction or several depending on the programming language. A line of code in assembly language is typically turned into one machine instruction. In a high-level language such as C++ or Java, one line of code generates a series of assembly language instructions, which results in multiple machine instructions. For coding examples, see source code.

Lines of Code Are Not All the Same
A single line of code may call for the inclusion of a subroutine that can be of any size, so while lines of code are commonly used to measure the overall complexity of a program, the metric is not absolute. Comparisons can also be misleading if the programs are written in different languages. For example, 20 lines of code in Java might easily require 200 lines of code in assembly language.

In addition, measuring lines of code says absolutely nothing about code quality. Five hundred lines written by a seasoned programmer can perform the same processing as two thousand lines of code by another. See assembly language, machine language and compiler.
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"Gusuku Customine is a native tool that brilliantly extends the citizen developer promise of Kintone, enabling Kintone users to build and deploy unique JavaScript customization without having to write a line of code. Declare what you want, and Customine generates and deploys the underlying code necessary for your customization to come to life.
As per the report, several lines of code in the Play Movies app explicitly state that "movies belonging to you have been upgraded to 4K." Additionally, there is said to be no link to any pricing related to this update, suggesting the fact that the upgradation might be free of charge and there is reportedly one line of code mentioning the same.
Its database load balancing software helps organizations of all sizes eliminate application downtime from database outages or maintenance, improve application performance and scale database capacity -- all without writing a single line of code.
Anyone who can create a flowchart can forego years of study, and make video games without having to write a single line of code, says Kelley.
More than boring explanations on what each line of code worked, the programming community also found humorous and playful lines that reflected the environment and culture that surrounded the programmers of 1960.
With new custom folders for CSS and JavaScript files, anyone can create a new style or toolbar with a simple line of code.
Last year, during Computer Science Education Week, President Obama became the first President to write a line of code and announced public and private commitments to expand access to computer science (CS) education in schools.
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Washington, Apr 23 ( ANI ): In wake of the recent Aol Mail hack, which reportedly compromised users' address books, the company has announced a line of code that will help other mail providers reject email messages sent from spoofed Aol email accounts.
Barton pointed to a line of code that seemed to indicate that it did not meet the privacy standards of HIPAA.
The tag management platform replaces hundreds of lines of code per web page with a single line of code and provides an easy-to-use web interface to quickly add, remove or manage any third party service, such as web analytics tags or advertising pixels.