line speed

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line speed

[′līn ‚spēd]
Maximum rate at which signals may be transmitted over a given channel, usually in bauds or bits per second.
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data rate

(1) The speed at which data is transferred within the computer or between a peripheral device and the computer, measured in bytes per second. See transfer rate and space/time.

(2) The speed at which audio and video files are encoded (compressed), measured in bits per second (see bit rate).

(3) The transmission speed of a network. For example, 100Base-T Ethernet is rated at 100 Mbps (megabits per second). Also called "bit rate." See space/time.
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The scheme, funded by the Welsh Government, will also deliver further journey time benefits by raising the line speed between Gobowen and Shrewsbury to 90mph at a further cost of pounds 9.8m.
Losing 300 to 400 feet of runway when you calculate your line speed 1,800 feet down the runway makes it unlikely you'll get a good check.
"We evaluated whether or not to increase the line speed when HG bumpers are being painted.
Related to the flow rate was the line speed of the calibrated dispense, or closed-loop program.
Some experts believe, for example, that faster line speeds increase workers' risk of injury.
Pulling capacity can be adjusted through a single lever operation, The variable speed Grundowinch makes adjustments for conditions that affect line speed during operation, providing constant and consistent pulling force.
The Xilinx AS IP core uses the Xilinx Smart-IP technology to reach 2.5 Gbps line speed utilizing the features of the RocketIO multi-gigabit transceivers such as clock data recovery, 8B/10B encoding, 3.125 Gbps SerDes, transmit/receive FIFOs, and CRC.
The foil features a sealing temperature from 180-250 C (355480 F) depending upon equipment used (platen sealing tool or rotary sealer), line speed, dwell time and bottom material.
Test co-ordinator Steve Sutcliffe said: "The Caterham R500 is the greatest expression of straight- line speed, merged with awesome braking ability."
All castings are delivered to the elevated degating and knockout on a monorail cooling line that is indexed directly to mold line speed. This controls labor costs and reduces storage of castings in this area to zero.
"McLaren's straight line speed wasn't so important in Monaco, but in Barcelona and on most circuits it will be."
The module supports all operating systems, it has an on-board processor to allow throughput up to an aggregated line speed of 128Kb/s and it also supports ISDN settings and protocols for the US, Japan and Australia, v.110 for GSM and V.120 for rates below 56Kb/s.