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1. a facial outline or feature
2. Geology any long natural feature on the surface of the earth, such as a fault, esp as revealed by aerial photography
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(1) Extended rectilinear elements of the relief and landscape usually associated with fissures and faults in the earth’s crust.

(2) Very large zones of fracture that are of global significance, or megalineaments (according to E. Hills, 1967).

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A prominent linear feature on the lunar surface.
A straight or gently curved, lengthy topographic feature expressed as depressions or lines of depressions. Also known as linear.
(graphic arts)
A structurally controlled line on an aerial photograph; applied to lines representing beds, veins, faults, rock boundaries, and such.
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Lineaments. Landslides are more prone in the jointed, fractured, and faulted areas.
A preliminary assessment through a superposition of the structural map and the satellite images analysis of the area (Figure 4) displays an alignment of tectonic lines, lineaments, and foliations with the choice of the profiles, which are cross-cutting the observed structural features.
Consequently, the structural features, airborne magnetic lineaments and their different alignments in the study area were deduced from FVD and AS maps (Fig.
Lithology and lineament density are chosen as the occurrence space factor; topology, slope, and river density are related to the groundwater supply condition.
This study used secondary coarse resolution data for soil and lineaments data, fine resolution data for the same could give more accurate results.
3, Site E) focuses on the East Bay Lineament positioned along the eastern boundary of the Boisdale Hills adjacent to the north shore of East Bay.
Generally, four digital layers (maps) such as drainage patterns, fault (previously mapped), lineament, and lithological contact were prepared and converted into secondary data such as drainage buffer, fault buffer, lineament buffer, and lithological contacts buffer layers.
This approach was quite handy for the visualization of target features (lineaments and drainage networks) from Landsat imagery for the PP (see Figure 2).
This night you shall behold him at our feast; Read oer the volume of young Paris' face, And find delight writ there with beauty's pen; Examine every married lineament And see how one another lends content.
Project scale aeromagnetics indicate a north-easterly trending structural grain, which is interpreted to be a continuation of the Tangadee Lineament, with linear magnetic highs seemingly wrapping around mafic intrusions.
This corroborates the fault and lineament orientations and the general inclination of the study area to the NNE-NE.