linear density

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linear density

[′lin·ē·ər ′den·səd·ē]
The quantity of anything distributed along a line per unit length of line.
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(Bits Per Inch) The measurement of the number of bits stored in one linear inch of a track (storage channel) on a disk or tape. Bit density on magnetic disks has reached 800,000 bpi (800 Kbpi). See tpi, areal density and magnetic disk.
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A higher linear density of reinforcement can get a better bearing capacity and stress diffusion.
By comparing Figures 8(a)-8(d), it can be seen that the fiber fluctuation relating with linear density [[rho].sub.L] = 0.5 x [10.sup.-5] kg x [m.sup.-1] is more obvious than that of fiber with linear density [[rho].sub.L] = 2.0 x [10.sup.-5] kg x [m.sup.-1], which shows that the smaller linear density causes the more unstable fiber motion.
Caption: Figure 10: Comparisons of CMC curves by the proposed method, the linear density based method [4] and the manual markup as well as texture image without segmentation for (a) all, (b) good, (c) bad, and (d) ugly latent fingerprints of NIST SD27.
Results presented in spectrogram and in Table-2a and -2b confirmed that samples have different unevenness despite the same linear density, therefore it can be said that tensile properties of reinforcing agents are purely dependent upon the structural unevenness.
The mean linear density of the Purkinje cell was observed to be 7.86+/-2.6 cells up to 40 years while above 40 years it is 4.2+/-1.3 cells.
The main parameters, what can be tested are linear density (mtex), length distribution, strength (g/tex), elongation (%), whiteness/yellowness degrees and impurities.
Elongation of the yarn reduces the linear density and increase the share of foreign wind parts in inner part of yarn.
Figure 2 shows how linear density has indeed gated tape products in the past according to media coercivity together with a projection for future systems based on published roadmaps (the data is taken from existing IBM.
The project--which is forecast to bring in sales of $1.2 billion this year--included the installation of low linear density polypropylene and polyethylene lines at Ipiranga's Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul industrial unit as well as improvements to Petroquim S/A, Talcahuyano, Chile.

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