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In the value distribution theory of entire functions, Bruck's conjecture [6] is still an open question, and it has close relation to the following nonhomogeneous complex linear differential equation,
[6] obtained the Hyers-Ulam stability of a linear differential equation using Laplace transforms.
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Annex: Solving Linear Differential Equations By Elementary Solutions
However, this will require the transition to other (i.e., different from the current ones--see above) algorithms of economic activity, which will be described with linear differential equations.
The Lagrange method for variation of constants applies to linear differential equations of higher order.
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In this paper, we consider the first-order linear differential equations (Eu) + Fu = 0 where u is a non-zero linear functional and (E,F) is a pair of polynomials, with E monic.
Real systems are more complex and need non linear differential equations, generally not easy to solve.
systems of n-th order linear differential equations: (eight hours)

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