linear type

linear type

1. <theory, programming> An attribute of values which are used exactly once: they are neither duplicated nor destroyed. Such values require no garbage collection, and can safely be updated in place, even if they form part of a data structure.

Linear types are related to the linear logic of J.-Y Girard. They extend Schmidt's notion of single threading, provide an alternative to Hudak and Bloss' update analysis, and offer a practical complement to Lafont and Holmstr?m's elegant linear languages.

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On the basis of product type, canister purge valve can be segmented into linear type and turbo type.
Linear type is inefficient because of the dropper method, where the loss of the amplifier part is large in the form of heat.
Keywords: Beetal goats, linear type traits, milk production, genetic parameters.
LS is classified into five types, including plaque type, generalized type, bullous type, linear type, and deep type [2].
In addition, configurations where the open area is located in the south and the structures constitute a barrier to the dominant wind direction, northeast and north (A2, A3, A5 from point-type blocks; A8, A12 and A20 from linear type blocks) are comfortable.
On the basis of presented results, in the case of planned high-intensity extraction, especially in tectonically disturbed rock mass, authors suggest new attitude to predictions of linear type discontinuous deformation by supplementing conventional forecast with two addition documents:
Two types of degradation of messenger RNA were considered - linear type degradation and Hill type degradation.
Other methods such as power series methods, where Chebyshev and Legendre's polynomials are used as basis functions, have been applied to obtain solutions of some higher order IDE of linear type. Akyaz and Sezer [7], for instance, presented Chebyshev collocation method for solving linear integrodifferential equations by truncated Chebyshev series.
Our outcomes allow studying the behavior of functions approximately fulfilling functional equations of this linear type on different subsets of the linear space, and this also applies to domain restrictions for control functions.
The MP Scale is offered in two types: a linear type for linear position detection, and a rotary type for angle detection.
There are two types of encoders: a linear type that responds to motion along a path and a rotary type that responds to rotational motion.
Linear type traits describe biological extremes for a range of visual characteristics of an animal.

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