lions' mouths

lions’ mouths

Venetian receptacles for denunciations, character assassinations. [Ital. Hist.: Plumb, 259–260]
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At the head of the Giant's Staircase, where Marino Faliero was beheaded, and where the Doges were crowned in ancient times, two small slits in the stone wall were pointed out--two harmless, insignificant orifices that would never attract a stranger's attention--yet these were the terrible Lions' Mouths! The heads were gone (knocked off by the French during their occupation of Venice,) but these were the throats, down which went the anonymous accusation, thrust in secretly at dead of night by an enemy, that doomed many an innocent man to walk the Bridge of Sighs and descend into the dungeon which none entered and hoped to see the sun again.
The water out of the lions' mouths turned into diamonds and pearls, and the leaping water almost touched a most beautifully-painted dome.
Her son, Clayton, 31, is the ninth generation, and the only remaining performer in the United States to put his head in lions' mouths.
And the Lord will send His angels to close the lions' mouths.
There were porcupine men, snake women, Tom Thumbs, horned ladies, piebald Indians, talking fish, dominoes-playing dogs, motor-cycling bears, basket-cases or amputees (most men do not shave holding a razor with their toes--but an armless man does), men catching cannon-balls on their stomachs, swallowing razors, swords or fire, putting their heads in lions' mouths, walking on wire, or ascending, like Harrison Donaldson, in balloons over the Niagara Falls: human prodigies and prodigious humans--all appealing, as the famous English trainer, A.
Just as an "angel" shut the lions' mouths so they could not injure Daniel, so we are encouraged to turn to God for His angel ideas which bring safety, well-being and wise guidance - wherever we are.