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lip reading,

method by which the deaf are able to read the speech of others from the movements of the lips and mouth. It is sometimes referred to as speech reading, which technically also includes the reading of facial expressions and body language. Lip reading is a medium of education in many schools for deaf children (see deafnessdeafness,
partial or total lack of hearing. It may be present at birth (congenital) or may be acquired at any age thereafter. A person who cannot detect sound at an amplitude of 20 decibels in a frequency range of from 800 to 1,800 vibrations per second is said to be hard of
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). It came into wide use after World War IWorld War I,
1914–18, also known as the Great War, conflict, chiefly in Europe, among most of the great Western powers. It was the largest war the world had yet seen.
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 in the rehabilitation of shell-shocked, or otherwise deafened, soldiers.


See publications of the National Association of Hearing and Speech Agencies (formerly American Hearing Society); O. M. Wyatt, Teach Yourself Lip-Reading (1961, repr. 1969); E. Hazard, Lipreading for the Oral Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Person (1971); J. Jeffers, Speechreading (1971).

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And, I sometimes positioned myself so that those who were lip reading couldn't read my lips.
In dealing with the hearing-impaired, make certain you face the patient directly; remember to keep your face well lit, particularly to make your mouth clearly visible for lip reading.
The partially deaf person may not realize he or she has compensated over time for the loss by lip reading and often a lot of nodding assent when, in fact, little has actually been heard.
Big thanks to @HamillHimself and @jessicadicicco for lending their voices to the latest Bad Lip Reading video
LIP reading experts could be called in to help the investigation into the murder of a pensioner whose body was found in a freezer.
Once developed, the researchers say, the devices they are working on will be particularly prove an important tool for deaf people who rely on lip reading, and can't use or afford cochlear implants.
I learned new tactics for coping in difficult situations, information about useful organisations, environmental aids for television and telephone and, of course, my lip reading improved.
Deaf and hearing students at the college took part in a range of events, helping them communicate using sign language and lip reading techniques.
That's because, although he can't hear, Jayson, 19, is an ace at lip reading.
That's just one time when lip reading is a useful skill for the deaf and hearing-impaired who might otherwise have trouble communicating.
Former journalist and social worker Rees, 35, said: "The thing that helped me get good at lip reading was that my parents didn't try to cocoon me.