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see neoplasmneoplasm
or tumor,
tissue composed of cells that grow in an abnormal way. Normal tissue is growth-limited, i.e., cell reproduction is equal to cell death. Feedback controls limit cell division after a certain number of cells have developed, allowing for tissue repair
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a limited benign tumor (sometimes multiple) consisting of fatty tissue.

Lipomas generally develop on the back, neck, and anterior abdominal wall. They vary in density and in size, from that of a hazelnut to that of the head of a grown man. Lipomas usually do not impair any function; generally, they are removed for cosmetic reasons.

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A benign tumor composed of fat cells.
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The commonest presentation of lipoma arborescence is the chronic painless swelling of the knee joint of several years duration.
Lipoma of the tongue is a rare clinicopathological entity and fibrolipoma specifically, is exceptionally rare, with as few as 14 reported cases worldwide.3 The histological features of this subtype of lipoma render it significant as it may masquerade as a malignancy on clinical examination, and it is therefore important to be aware of such an entity.3 Surgical excision is thus essential to histologically distinguish fibrolipoma from infiltrating malignant lesions, and is the mainstay of treatment.
Fatty tumors, called lipomas, are one of the most common masses found on elderly dogs.
Dr Pimple Popper then explain that she had to ensure she removed every last piece of the lipoma, otherwise there would be a chance of it growing back.
Intracranial convexity lipoma, as a rare associative finding to focal leptomeningeal enhancement and corticopial calcifications, was described in unique case of Morana et al.
A high resolution ultrasonography done of the swelling was suggestive of lipoma. MRI scan was advised to study the extent of the lump but due to poverty, the patient could not afford the study.
Bleeding gastric lipoma: case report and review of the literature.
Macroscopically, the lesion was 12,3x9,5x2,8 cm and histopathological findings were consistent with the diagnosis of lipoma. The postoperative period was uneventful and the patient was discharged on the 1st postoperative day with immediate and complete remission of her urinary symptoms.
In the differential diagnosis of benign masses in tonsils, the following should be considered: juvenile angiofibroma, fibroepithelial polyp, arteriovenous malformation, lymphangiectasia, squamous papilloma, hamartoma, inclusion cyst, lipoma, and fibroma (6, 7).
A physician usually can distinguish a lipoma from a tumor simply by its feel: Lipomas are soft and fatty, and they tend to move easily if you gently press on them.
A A lipoma is a fatty lump that's usually located between your skin and the underlying muscle tissue.