liquid petroleum gas

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liquified petroleum gas (LPG)

A petroleum derivative, primarily butane and propane, stored under pressure to maintain its liquid state; used as a fuel for heating and cooking.
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Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is the friendliest option of all gas-range BBQs, emitting less CO2 than electricity - and around 100 times less CO2 than the average charcoal briquette.
He said the danger of liquid petroleum gas installations had been illustrated by an accident in Italy in June, in which more than 20 were killed and nearby building crumbled to the ground.
In just 10 years the number of Liquid Petroleum Gas cars has rocketed from 3,500 to over 150,000.
The explosion was caused by a build-up of liquid petroleum gas which leaked from pipework installed in 1969 - and may have been ignited when a labourer switched on a light when he went into the basement to pick up his tools, the court heard.
The CCL, applied to the commercial use of electricity, gas, coal and liquid petroleum gas, commits the U.K.
announced that they have exchanged a memorandum with each other, agreeing to discuss integrating operations in the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) business.
Venezuela will deliver gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt and liquid petroleum gas, said Petroleos de Venezuela SA.
LNG, PNG and CNG are all forms of natural gas: Liquefied, Pipeline or Compressed, and LPG, Liquid Petroleum Gas, is, as the name suggests, an oil derivative.
AMA also spoke of the benefit of replacing gasoline and diesel vehicles with those that run off of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG).
Spain's leading petroleum company, Repsol YPF, is keen to secure a foothold in India, where it has entered into negotiations on the establishment in the north-west of the country of a company distributing LPG (liquid petroleum gas).
According to the university, the grant will go to help fund professor John Irvine's one-year fuel cell project, which is aimed at demonstrating the efficient operation of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) using liquid petroleum gas (LPG) through a newly developed anode and at high temperatures.
More and more people are switching to liquid petroleum gas (LPG), which is not only environmentally-friendly but also saves motorists hundreds of pounds a year in fuel costs.