list price

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list price

the selling price of merchandise as quoted in a catalogue or advertisement
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List Price


a price included in a special collection called a price list. Such prices are set for lot-produced and mass-produced articles and do not usually have an expiration date. In the USSR, retail list prices are used in selling goods through the state and cooperative retail trade systems. These same prices, minus trade discounts, are used in settling accounts between suppliers and trade enterprises and organizations. Prices from wholesale price lists for producer’s goods are used by suppliers in settling accounts with enterprises and organizations. Such prices may be subject to a premium or a discount if the products being delivered are produced to the customer’s own specifications, that is, with deviations from existing standards or manufacturing techniques. The use of list prices is compulsory for all suppliers of goods and all trade organizations.

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Dusetzina said some drugmakers may be making up for that by launching their new drugs at higher list prices.
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America president and chief executive officer Steven Ubl stated, "We are concerned that the administration's rule requiring list prices in direct-to-consumer (DTC) television advertising could be confusing for patients and may discourage them from seeking needed medical care.
When asked why the list prices of prescription drugs are so high, Olivier Brandicourt, MD, CEO of Sanofi, said: "We are trying to get formulary position with those high list price-high rebate.
Median list price: $180,000Median millennial earnings: $54,948Monthly mortgage payment: $1,000Estimated time for millennials to save for a down payment: 3.3 years
LIST PRICE CHANGES BY SEGMENT LAST 24 MONTHS VHMS Nature's Bounty 222 Mason 128 Pharmavite 78 Vitamins Pharmavite 84 Nature's Bounty 77 Mason 41 Source: CPR Database, June 2015--May 2017 Note: Table made from bar graph.
List price $27.95/CMA Member price $22.05 173 pages
Pound for pound the single biggest list price rise in May was for the Nissan 350Z 3.5 V6 Coupe, which rose by pounds 500, or two per cent, to pounds 25,297.
The Canon LV-7230 projector, has a suggested list price of $2,299; the LV-S4 projector, available in May, has a suggested list price of $1,399.
The base configuration for the Cisco XR 12000 starts at a list price of $45,500.
Louis, is cutting the list price of its Roundup Original MAX herbicide for the 2005 season.
Ford has raised the list price of the Zetec and Ghia versions of its Focus models by pounds 250, whilst the Streetka goes up by pounds 215 and the Mondeo becomes up to pounds 190 more expensive.
The saving of pounds 3,050 is for the Vectra Club model, with up to pounds 1,300 off the list price of the Meriva.