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fillet, 1
1. A molding consisting of a narrow flat band, often square in section; the term is loosely applied to almost any rectangular molding; usually used in conjunction with or to separate other moldings or ornaments, as the stria between the flutes of columns. Also see band, lattice molding, fret, reglet, annulet, supercilium, taenia, cincture, cimbia, fascia, and platband; a listel, or tringle.
2. A carved ornament representing a flowing band or ribbon.
3. In stair construction, a thin narrow strip of wood which fits into the groove of the stair shoe or subrail between balusters.
4. A cant strip.
5. A concave junction where two surfaces meet. (See illustration p. 398.)
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TekstiilitAaAaAeA AaAaAeA liste, ni kui ka meeste palk jAaAaAeAni tunduvalt madalamaks tAaAaAeA AaAaAeA stustAaAaAeA AaAaAeA liste palgast, mis meestAaAaAeA AaAaAeA listel oli 34,4 ja naistel 21,5 senti tunnis.
2 nights at the Best Western Listel Hotel, Whistler; 2 nights at the four-star deluxe Chateau Victoria Hotel, Victoria and 4 nights at the Sutton Place Hotel, Vancouver all on a room only basis
Listel, which is probably the strongest brand name in the French market, also has holdings in Provence and the Cotes du Rhone.
Esta induce a pensar que algunas serian zocalos--integrados por cuarto de bocel, cima recta y caveto--y otras cornisas--compuestas por listel, cima recta y caveto--, todas ellas empleadas como decoracion de interior, conclusion a la que conducen tambien sus reducidas dimensiones, entre 6 y 12 cm de altura.
From the Listel Vancouver, we walked along the Seawall at coal Harbour to the Canada Place dock, where a ship had just come in.
12 nights room-only accommodation - 3 nights at the Inns of Banff Park, Banff; 2 nights at the Lake Louise Inn, Lake Louise; 1 night at the Ramada Inn, Kamloops; 2 nights at the Best Western Listel Hotel, Whistler; 2 nights at the Chateau Victoria, Victoria and 2 nights at the Sutton Place Hotel, Vancouver