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However, some also believe that Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) could be the one who betrays her for a much more literal expression of love.
It is unlikely, of course, that the latter route would be psychologically realized even at a sub-personal level: once a metaphor has died there is no reason why it should be processed differently to a literal expression. So the sense in question will be made available even to those who have no awareness of its previously metaphorical status, while those who are aware of its metaphorical origins would simply be failing to process the available information in the most efficient manner open to them were they to go the long way around by repeating the loosening/narrowing procedure instead of fixing on the sense already extracted from that process and located in the lexicon.
You're paying for a literal expression of time and talent.
With Kowalski gone, Houston silent and no astronauts on ISS, Stone's aloneness here achieves unimaginable and literal expression. If the film has a spiritual apex, this is it.
The theme is further developed in the first part of the performance when all the members of the troupe climb into trousers, hats and coats and pick up suitcases -- a literal expression of the exilic experience.
Of course a literal expression does not define the meaning of the idiom.
Translation defines the link between Latin texts and vernacular representations, but literal expression does not necessarily present artistic tastes and cultural temper.
To the rear, the boxy volumes are exposed, in a literal expression of backstage.
'There is literal expression which might show a person happy or sad and there is also metaphorical expression where a sad house might be shown as crumbling, or where formal properties such as colour, line and size have been used expressively.'
"When they talk about graying baby boomers it is really a literal expression," she says.
Stallabrass rightly alludes to "the solipsism of cyberspace, which is merely a literal expression of the situation of the individual in contemporary society, and more specifically of business people and their camp followers (engineers and intellectuals) spinning universalizing fantasies out of their desire to ride the next commercial wave."