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The American School got Comparative Literature out of the "quagmire" of studying "foreign trade", and led to a wide field of Parallel Study and Interdisciplinary Study.
What the ambiguous state of colonialism in Hong Kong today after a long history of formal colonialism suggests is that the project of Hong Kong literature is predetermined not to document postcoloniality but to articulate and struggle for decolonization.
But at about the same time that Goethe was first talking about world literature, another meaning of the word literature was evolving, and literature as a subject of study began to emerge.
I become the director, and I ask them to play Plato's role in order to explain to me what Plato really thought about literature.
But Whitman's faith in the larger political uses of literature was justified in an age when sweepingly composed--if only erratically distinguished--works of literature furnished the leading edge of political reform.
The award celebrates and further legitimizes the contributions of African-American authors and illustrators to children's literature.
In these and many other essays (on monastic scriptoria, medieval court life, Old Norse literature, mysticism, and scholastic theology), we find a felicitous mix of broad historical knowledge, philosophical insight, and traditional philology, which, to this reader at least, proves exhilarating as well as convincing.
By gender, the literature gap is wide: at least 55 percent of females (59 million) read literature in late 2002, compared to nearly 38 percent of men (37 million).
The latter begins with the provocative notion that "From the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries, it might be argued, Scottish literature predicts, enacts and then mourns its loss of autonomy" (138).
Sharpley-Whiting's careful reexamination of Negritude certainly revises the history of Francophone Caribbean literature.
In the Hart district, Bible as Literature is offered as an English elective to seniors at Canyon and Valencia high schools.
Whereas Tyler (1978) criticized the vocational behavior literature for concentrating on middle-class men, Fitzgerald, Fassinger, and Betz (1995) asserted that the study of women's career development was probably the most active and vibrant area of vocational psychology research and theory from the 1970s to the early 1990s.