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, common name for swimming birds found on or near quiet waters in most parts of the world. Grebes resemble the loon and the duck; they have short wings, vestigial tails, and long, individually webbed toes on feet that are set far back on a short, stubby body.
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They are mainly resident birds, so if you catch a sight of a little grebe this summer, then it is probably a dyed-inthe-wool Teessider.
"The little grebe is a diving water bird who will spend most of their life on the water except for when they are nesting.
Exploitation of lake resources by the birds of differing feeding habits like Moorhen that feeds on fresh plants and small invertebrates, and the Little Grebe that feeds on fish, insects and aquatic vegetation (Zafar-ul-islam and Rahmani, 2004) indicates rich biodiversity on the lake.
JIM BRADYwatched displaying little grebes, kingfisher and dipper in the Worthington Lakes area.
Later this morning the meeting I was in was disturbed as we heard oyster catchers and little grebe singing their stuff.
A RECENT count by Jim Brady, at Worthington Lakes, produced 75 mallards, seven tufted ducks, one pochard, four great crested grebes, one little grebe and 17 coots.
The new ponds will be linked by a cascading stream with a variety of river features, such as riffles and braided channels, which it is hoped will enable the wetlands to support an increased range of plant and animal species, including dragonflies, damselflies, amphibians, little grebe, kingfisher and grey wagtail.
The marina itself was quiet, apart from a little grebe, and the long-staying ring billed gull was absent from the boating pool's banks.
A pair of Great Crested Grebes rested close to the reeds with a Little Grebe fishing nearby.
Also spotted in the Biec wetlands were 1,000 black-winged stilts, 500 common terns, 25 grey herons, 10 little grebes, seven great egrets and five moorhens.
A kingfisher has appeared on the branch in front of the back pond hide and little grebes have been seen regularly.