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A typeless language used to produce machine-independent software. LITTLE has been used to implement SETL.

"Guide to the LITTLE Language", D. Shields, LITTLE Newsletter 33, Courant Inst (Aug 1977).
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What does it mean when you dream about being little?

Dreaming about being little can relate to childhood or to “feeling small.” Little also finds a place in numerous idioms, any one of which might indicate the meaning of one’s dream: “little by little,” a “little horror,” “too little too late,” “Oak trees grow from little acorns,” etc. (See also Shrink, Small).

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As Therese lived longer, she came to see her littleness in contrast to God's greatness.
And after reading the lives of some great saints or their writings, I've felt something of their greatness and my own littleness. And I have at times stood before masterpieces of art and have felt like a complete amateur.
In addition, in his short address to the Restaurant Frascati diners that evening, Sir William concluded that 'although man's intrinsic littleness was increasingly borne in upon him by modern cosmogonic speculation, certain reassuring factors persistently emerged which went to show that, if relatively insignificant in the midst of immensities, this world of ours was undeniably unique in many of its manifestations.'
In the verb /Ndakakapinza/, 'I penetrated *'it'/her' the second /-ka-/ is a Class 12 object marker which defines littleness and a sense of powerlessness.
When they asked why, Jesus revealed it was "because of the littleness of your faith" (Matthew 17:19-20).
Gilbert Noon feels the "glamorous vast multiplicity" of Europe opposing the littleness of England: "His tight and exclusive nationality seemed to break down in his heart" (MN 107).
For that too is the wrestling of men with the might of their Creator, in a great isolation from the world, without the amenities and consolations of life, a lonely struggle under a sense of over-matched littleness, for no reward that could be adequate, but for the mere winning of a longitude." (Conrad 1912)
Ultimately, of course, hobbits are not given an origin because they stand in for the reader of the text--in both our littleness and in our modernity, in contrast to the great actors of storied realms.
Let's leave all that littleness, and look higher." Then, thinking of nothing else, he slowly sat down.
Similarly, the narrative describes cousin Sweet Fern, a "good little boy, who was always making particular inquiries about the precise height of giants and the littleness of fairies" (59), as "good" precisely because he finds pleasure in quantifying Eustace's wild fancies.
Yiddish, a littleness, a tiny light--oh little holy light!--dead, vanished.
In a similar vein, Schuon described Muhammad as "a synthesis combining human 'littleness' with the divine mystery." It is precisely this "reconciliation of opposites" that, in Schuon's view, qualifies Islam to be "the 'last Revelation'," since it serves to bring together all that went before it.