live oak

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live oak:

see oakoak,
any tree or shrub of the genus Quercus of the family Fagaceae (beech family). This complex genus includes as many as 600, found chiefly in north temperate zones and also in Polynesia. The more southerly species, ranging into the tropics, are usually evergreen.
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Jim Mahan, Director of Marketing at Live Oak Bank, was the first bank employee to receive Dawn's plea to help her son.
Unfortunately, the text heavily emphasizes the great age--to 1,200 years--that live oaks are purported to reach.
Request for Qualifications: Design of sidewalks for live oak plantation road and timberlane school road
One of the live oak trees weighed 353 tons and had a 42-foot rootball, the other weighed 326 tons and had a 35-foot rootball.