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  1. the sequence(s) ofprofessional or occupational positions in the life course of an individual.
  2. (by analogy with 1) any individual pattern or progression in a nonoccupational life course, e.g., the ‘deviant career’ of the drug user (BECKER, 1953) or the MORAL CAREER of the mental patient (GOFFMAN, 1964).
Occupational careers may either consist of a sequenced progression in terms of a hierarchy of status and income (as typical of many middle-class careers, see PROFESSIONS), or lack any clear structure or progression, as is more usual for manual workers. Gender differences affecting access to careers has been a recent topic of importance in the sociology of labour markets (e.g. Dex, 1985). See LABOUR MARKET, DUAL LABOUR MARKET.



rapid and successful advancement in various fields, including public, scientific, and office work; the attainment of recognition, honor, or material rewards. The word “career” is also used to define a type of occupation or profession, such as a career artist or a career doctor. Careerism is the pursuit of personal success in office, scientific, or other work. It is mercenary in its aims and a detriment to the public interest.

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The FMD project emphasizes the importance of animal health as part of the One Health agenda, which is crucial for addressing food insecurity, improving nutrition and rural livelihoods that are dependent on livestock.
Owing to their small size, remote location and the higher risks of microenterprises, coconut farmers have difficulty accessing credit from formal sources for their livelihood activities.
It is also a challenge to OFWs on how to maintain their chosen livelihood undertaking, she said.
The livelihood strategies of forest dependant populations are increasingly being impacted by changes such as improvement in infrastructure, for example, investment in logging roads leading to deforestation (Enadamana et al.
The FATA economic revitalization program will benefit nearly 17,000 families over three years, improving access to non-farming livelihoods for people returning to the FATA after being displaced.
The Sahel Sustainable Pastoralism Development project is the first cross-border development project for the Lives and Livelihoods Fund, which has committed over $600 million to rural infrastructure, agriculture productivity and disease eradication projects over the past year in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.
In the workshop it is resolved to take the Rural Livelihood programme in the state to the next level.
This article adds an important dimension to current knowledge by uncovering the rich, lived experiences of the Chin women who engage in or pursue a livelihood specifically in Delhi.
for my livelihood might have keep that into Jon He is not prepared to go down without a fight, though, and hopes his players do the same.
Sweden, May 9 -- The Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs is currently implementing a livelihood development programme for the internally displaced conflict affected families and refugee returnees under the guidance of Minister, D.
The Bangladesh government said it has signed an agreement with World Bank for USD200 million of financing to improve livelihoods for approximately five million rural poor through the Nuton Jibon Livelihood Improvement Project.
Popularly defined as "ethical livelihood," it involves work that is meaningful, life-affirming, and non-exploitative.