living area

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dwelling unit

One or more rooms in a building designed as living accommodations for one or more families.
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As you continue to explore this home you will reach a superb gallery landing which overlooks the main living area and is surrounded by original woodworks.
86m) was converted in 2015 It is a direct-let student accommodation property with 107 beds across a mix of three to nine bedroom apartments, each of which has its own kitchen and living area.
Full of character, the property in Ellys Road has four double bedrooms, a sitting room and a large open-plan living area, kitchen, utility room and WC.
Upon entering, the flowing arrangement of the lower floor is evident with clear sight to the kitchen, living area and sitting room.
The dining area has a tiled floor, coved ceiling and double glazed door to the rear garden and opening to the living area which has fitted carpet, gas living flame fire with wooden surround and marble hearth and double glazed window to the front.
Once inside, the main living area rises more than 20 feet in height, culminating in a wooden ceiling.
It is possible that under the new standard the living area is a bit larger, but there will be no 150 sq.
The second apartment, on the second floor, has two bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and a bathroom.
Through the lens of her life, readers will gain a feeling for what life was like for the Indians as their hunting grounds were destroyed, their living area was taken over by white settlers, and their free-roaming way of life was reduced to existence on reservations.
The animals' keepers offer insightful comments about a Komodo dragon so fearless that the keeper could simply take it for a walk to its new cage rather than ship it in a box, and the tasmanian devil who loves to scavenge, a talent her keepers encourage by dragging the food around her living area and putting it in a different hiding place every time.
But today, it is not only acceptable, but a style statement to have fabric gathered on the floor of a den, dining, or living area.
And, each 20-room section has a centralized living area, dining area and care station.